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Testimonial – Wessex Occupational Health & Safety Association (WOHSA)

“Thank you for presenting your talk at the WOHSA AGM this week. I’ve had nothing but very positive feedback from the attendees, who ranged from young woman yet to experience “the joys”, to mature women and male managers. It’s so important that managers of either sex realise how they can help their valued employees and that ladies going through menopause can, and really should, have quality conversations with their managers. Just by having that conversation, as you said, industry could retain the skills that would otherwise be lost if they leave work because of suffering symptoms or being too embarrassed to talk about it. Your talk certainly went beyond a mere awareness briefing, it was truly informative, and it’s clear you are an expert in this field. Your whole talk was definitely “Spot on”!

Ade Oliver. Chair, Wessex Occupational Health and Safety Association.