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F is for Fatigue – Can menopause make you tired all the time?

F is for Fatigue

Covering the A-Z of Menopause and it’s impact in the workplace.

Find out more about the following: Anxiety, Brain Fog, Confidence, Diversity, Eye Problems, GSM (Geno-urinary Syndrome of Menopause), Hot Flushes, Ignorance, Knowledge, Low Mood, Memory Problems, Neurodiversity, Osteoporosis, Palpitations, Questions, Reduced Concentration, Skin Issues, Tearfulness, UTI’s, Vaginal Atrophy, Weight Gain, Xena, Yearning, Zzzz Sleep Problems.

Fatigue isn’t about feeling tired.  Fatigue seeps into your bones, your muscles and your emotional and psychological well-being.

Menopausal fatigue has been described as unrelenting exhaustion and you can understand why.  It often comes at an age when a woman is typically juggling a very busy life with kids, jobs, elderly parents, social commitments and more.

Understandably, navigating all of this while hormones are dropping and causing havoc to sleep, cognition and focus means everything requires a bit more effort and concentration.

Fatigue can feel like your energy is constantly drained which can affect motivation in all aspects of life.  And of course, fatigue in the workplace can present some serious risks to health & safety.

There are a number of reasonable adjustments that companies can make to help an employee with fatigue.  Do you know what they are?  Does your company recognise fatigue as an issue at work and try to help?

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