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Confidence – Can menopause cause lack of confidence?

C is for Confidence

Covering the A-Z of Menopause and it’s impact in the workplace.

Find out more about the following: Anxiety, Brain Fog, Diversity, Eye Problems, Fatigue, GSM (Geno-urinary Syndrome of Menopause), Hot Flushes, Ignorance, Knowledge, Low Mood, Memory Problems, Neurodiversity, Osteoporosis, Palpitations, Questions, Reduced Concentration, Skin Issues, Tearfulness, UTI’s, Vaginal Atrophy, Weight Gain, Xena, Yearning, Zzzz Sleep Problems.

I will be honest. This continues to be a struggle for me. Most people will look at me and think I’m oozing with confidence but it is often quite the opposite. I have suffered from crippling self doubt and anxiety in the past; enough to want to jack it all in and hide away from the world.

Loss of confidence during menopause is very commonly caused by a combination of other symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog and low mood as well as the physical aspects of aging.

The decline in Oestrogen and sometimes Testosterone is responsible for many of the symptoms of menopause.  When hormone levels fall our mind has to work harder to function. Everyday tasks can become a struggle if brain fog is a problem or if physical symptom make it harder to act swiftly to a situation.  When this happens we often start to doubt our abilities, which in turn impacts our levels of confidence and self esteem.

Loss of confidence in the workplace can be all consuming. Double guessing what people think of you. Questioning the reason why people trust you to do the job. Living each day thinking ‘this could be the day when they finally realise I am totally rubbish at my job’. Sadly these feelings can end up manifesting in truth. The more we doubt our abilities the more they can influence the quality of our work.

If this is something you struggle with and you would like some help, get in touch so we can talk it through. As I said, I still go through confidence issues at times, the only thing that has changed is I now know when and how to reach for help. Having a coach to get me back on track not only makes things happen quicker for me, but it makes life easier for everyone around me.