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Breaking the Taboo around Menopause in the Workplace.

I have 30 years experience in working for large corporate companies as a Procurement Specialist and Supply Chain Manager.

Following redundancy in 2018, I qualified as a Transformational Coach and now specialise in working with mid-lifers who are navigating everything from empty nest syndrome, job loss, grief and of course, menopause.

Working with this demographic opened my eyes to the devastating effect menopause has on some people, especially in the workplace. It also reminded me of how little support I had during my own peri-menopausal years at work so I decided it was time to make a change.

Sarah Wilsher

The change started with a facebook page called Caution! Menopause at Work.

Offering a safe and supportive space for women to talk freely about their menopausal experiences , swap coping mechanisms and learn more about what they are going through and what lies ahead. It soon became clear that many (if not most) women are desperately under informed about the subject of menopause and if women aren’t aware of what’s happening to themselves then it’s no surprise that the workplace has a lot to catch up on.

Since then I have joined forces with the Menopause Experts (MEG) and trained extensively to understand more about the affect menopause has on everyone (we’re all affected by it somehow, even if it’s just knowing someone who is menopausal!) and how we can raise awareness to become a more open, inclusive and supportive community.

I have developed a number of different training formats and workshop options to deliver into large corporate and SME companies, raising awareness about menopause at work and providing the tools to support a menopause friendly culture.

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“As more workplaces strive to improve diversity and inclusivity among employees, there is no better time to create a menopause-friendly workspace”

“Up to a 3rd of Women will experience menopausal symptoms at work; some will have devastating impact on their Productivity, Confidence and Mental Health”

“ With 1 in 4 women considering a demotion or passing over a promotion at work, and 1 in 10 leaving the workplace altogether, it’s time for companies to up their game when it comes to menopause awareness and support”

“A menopause-friendly workplace can not only prevent knowledgeable and experienced staff from leaving the business, it can also attract talented and enthusiastic candidates, which is an excellent way to future proof your business”

“Providing support around menopause at work, and creating a menopause-friendly environment reduces absenteeism and improves staff retention, thereby avoiding increased financial loss in recruitment fees and tribunals”

“Looking back, my peri-menopause symptoms completely de-railed me at work. If only I’d have had more knowledge about what was happening to me, and more support from my colleagues and managers, I’m sure I would have thrived not just survived through the early years”